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Perbesar GambarPerbesar Gambar

Jenis Penawaran : Jual
Kemasan : BARU
Jumlah Minimal Order : Berdasarkan Pesanan
Harga : Rp Negosiasi (Rp Indonesia)
Cara Pembayaran : Tunai/Cash, Cek Bank, Transfer Bank
Negara Asal : Indonesia

Kontak Supplier

TEMPILSTIK temperature indicator product :

Made in the USA, Tempilstik® is the original temperature-indicating stick. An inexpensive alternative for surface temperature measurement, our Tempilstik is rugged and easy-to-use with no gauges or electronics and no calibration is required.

Available in over 100 temperature ratings from 100°F to 2000°F (38°C to 1093°C), each Tempilstik is supplied with a unique slip-resistant metal holder, specifically engineered for smooth operation and maximum user control. Tempilstiks are precise even for the most critical jobs and meet the preheat temperature requirements of AWS D1.1 and other welding code specifications. Made in the USA, Tempilstiks are densely constructed to last longer than other brands, each delivering more than 11,000 6 inch (15 cm) marks that are NIST traceable and certifiable for nuclear use.
Our Tempilstik product line has been providing accuracy, confidence and compliance for over 70 years.

Accurate... results are +/- 1% of rated temperature.
Easy to use... melts at designated temperature for easy visual inspection.
Reliable... always in calibration.
Superior quality... free of contaminants such as sulfur, lead and halogens.
Outlasts... designed to be stronger and last longer than other brands.
Precise... unique slip-resistant metal holder secures stick and maximizes control.
Efficient... fast results reduce set up and down time.
Greater value... packaged 10 per box (bar-coded per NWSA guidelines). Blister packs available for point-of-purchase display.
Traceable... each marked by temperature, lot number and is NIST traceable
Compliant... meets AWS D1.1, ASME Code Sec. I, III and VIII, ANSI/ASME Code B31.1 and B31.3.

Applications: Surface preheating, welding and metal fabrication, annealing, stress relieving, interpass monitoring and controlling, post-weld surface heating, machine and equipment operations, and many more uses

firsto tech

FIRSTO TECH adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang supplier engineering equipment dan technical equipment ( alat - alat teknik ) untuk kebutuhan industri , building contractor, ME contractor, Transportation, shipping, marine, mining oil and gas dan bidang industri lainnya. produk kami meliputi : adhesive, Silicon, lubricant and chemical product, abrasive, tools, power tools, air tools, Cutting and drilling tools, measuring equipment, welding and accessories dan lain lainnya.



Website : http://supplierperalatanteknikfirstotech.blogspot.com/
E-mail : firsto_tech1@yahoo.co.id atau
Alamat : gunung sari indah pp-16 kedurus karangpilang
Kode Pos : 60223
Kota : Surabaya
Provinsi : Jawa Timur
Negara : Indonesia
Telepon : +62-31-72933375
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E-mail : firsto_tech1@yahoo.co.id atau
Telepon : 03172933375
Telepon Seluler : 085733256925
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