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Port Cranes

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Jenis Penawaran : Jual
Kemasan : UNIT
Jumlah Minimal Order : Berdasarkan Pesanan
Harga : $ Negosiasi ($ Singapore)
Cara Pembayaran : Tunai/Cash, Cek Bank, Transfer Bank
Negara Asal : Indonesia

Kontak Supplier

The new design of RMG cranes introduced by
Konecranes builds on decades of experience in
crane design and manufacturing. The new RMG
technology provides all of the key elements of
value; high performance, reliability, easy and
accurate steering, low operating costs and energy
consumption. It takes advantage of a number
of innovations, of which where some are recent,
while others have already proven themselves over
millions of on-the-job hours of use.
Our RMG crane technology was developed
with the goal of meeting RMG owners’
needs to serve their customers efficiently and
reliably while operating their business profitably.
To maximize performance a range of tailor-made
solutions are available for specific customer
operations. For example, crane size can vary from
no outreaches to both side outreaches, and both
rotating and non-rotating trolley concepts have
been designed to lift all types of boxes and trailers.

PT Konecranes

Konecranes is a world leading engineering group specialising in advanced
lifting solutions and maintenance services. Konecranes products and services
feature advanced technology, emphasize safety and cost savings for the user
through reliability and performance.

Konecranes product range covers all overhead lifting solutions and
components for industries and harbours all over the world.
From Process Mills to Automotive Industry, From Bulk to Container
Handling, our wide product range offers advanced technology and power
to meet the challenges on the field.

Konecranes is your single-source partner offering a complete range of products
to satisfy every lifting-related aspect of your business. Whatever your
requirements - be it cranes, lift trucks, maintenance service or all of them -
you can rest assured that Konecranes has the complete solutions to not only
meet your expectations, but surpass them.

With our world-wide operations, at 485 locations in 43 countries and 9,900
employees, we offer services, maintenance and modernisations, designs to
meet the needs of our customers. Our Complete Maintenance and Service
Range guarantee your equipment at it’s Best Performance in Maximum
Efficiency, and therefore increasing The Productivity Level.

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Contact our Salespersons
Heri Purwanto Heri.Purwanto@konecranes.com VLC / Port Services Division
Paryaman Paryaman.Par@konecranes.com EOTC
Happy Bernado Happy.Bernado@konecranes.com Lifttrucks Division

or contact our Marketing Assistant :
Viana Osa Viana.Osa@konecranes.com

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Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav. 89, Sunter Jaya, Jakarta Utara 14350
Phone : 021-6508021/6509238
Fax : 021-6509238
Website : http://www.konecranes.com
E-mail : Sales.Indonesia@konecranes.com atau
Alamat : Komplek Mitra Sunter Blok B no 31 Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav. 89
Kode Pos : 14350
Kota : Jakarta Utara
Provinsi : Jakarta
Negara : Indonesia
Telepon : +62-21-6508021/22
Fax : +62-21-6509238