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Perbesar GambarPerbesar Gambar

Jenis Penawaran : Jual
Kemasan : -
Jumlah Minimal Order : Berdasarkan Pesanan
Harga : $ Negosiasi ($ USA)
Cara Pembayaran : Tunai/Cash, Cek Bank, Transfer Bank
Negara Asal : Indonesia

Kontak Supplier

The PE 100 is by far the smallest and lightest compressor unit of the PE range. With its three drive variants petrol, three-phase and single-phase alternating current it is suitable for a wide variety of applications, whether ashore, in vehicles or on the high seas.

Unit variant with petrol drive

Mobile and versatile in application

* Whether as a breathing air compressor for diving groups, fire brigades and on ships, or for filling cartridges for competition marksmen, the possible applications of the PE 100 are almost unlimited.
* Due to its low weight, compact design and small dimensions, the PE 100 is easy to transport and fits comfortably into almost any car trunk.
* The petrol driven version can be operated without an electric power supply even in the remotest places. With an alternating current drive it is suitable for the normal house mains.

Purification system P11 for purest breathing air

Pure Breathing air

* In the new purification system P11, the sophisticated filter tec

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