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Jual Theodolite Topcon DT-200 Series ( 081318850401)

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Jenis Penawaran : Jual
Kemasan : -
Jumlah Minimal Order : Berdasarkan Pesanan
Harga : $ Negosiasi ($ USA)
Cara Pembayaran : Tunai/Cash, Cek Bank, Transfer Bank
Negara Asal : Indonesia

Kontak Supplier

Topcon is proud to announce the availability of the new Digital Theodolite series, DT-200. This new series will completely replace the existing, successful DT-100 series to set the new standard in today's theodolite market!

The DT-200's design is based on the DT-100, with the following technical improvements;
Absolute angle encoder system; removes the need to move horizontal and vertical angle scales when turning on.
All models fully waterproof (IP66 !)
Operating time greatly improved, minimal 140 hours
1" (0.2mgon) minimum reading on the 5" accuracy model.
The Series consists of 3 basic models DT-205, DT-207 and DT-209 with 5"(1.5mgon), 7"(2.1mgon) and 9"(3mgon) angle accuracies respectively.

For the construction site and quick easy instrument set-up, the DT-209P is available with quick-centering tribrach.
Each of the new models is available as a Laser theodolite version. DT-205L, DT-207L and DT-209L have the same specifications as the basic models with the addition of a visible red laser beam coaxial with the optics of the telescope.
This Class 2 laser is focused through the telescope ensuring a clearly defined and visible spot at a distance of upto 50 meters.
These laser theodolites are the ideal tools for many construction site alignment tasks and setting out jobs.



Length : 149 mm
Objective lens : 45 mm
Magnification : 30 x
Field of view : 1°30'
Resolving power : 2.5”
Minimum focus : 90 cm
Stadia ratio : 100
Stadia constant : 0
Sighting collimator : double

Electronic angle measurement

Method : absolute reading

Detecting :

horizontal : 2 side
vertical : 1 side
Minimum reading : 1”/5”; 0.2mgon
Accuracy : 5”
Diameter circle : 71 mm

Laser pointer

Method : focusing
Wave length / power : 633nm/0.6mW


Unit : 2 side

Data output

Serial signal connector : RS-232C


Display : Yes
Reticle : Yes


Tilt sensor : Yes, vertical
Compensating range : +/- 3'

Optical plummet telescope

Magnification : 3 x
Field of view : 3 °
Focusing : 0.5 m to infinity

Level sensitivity

Plate level : 40” / 2 mm
Circular level : 10' / 2 mm

Water protection

Standard : IP66

Power supply

Battery : 4 AA batteries

Operating time

Theodolite only : 140 h
Laser only : 80 h
Theodolite and laser : 45 h

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