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Slip Sheet Kraft

Perbesar GambarPerbesar Gambar

Jenis Penawaran : Jual
Kemasan : Pcs
Jumlah Minimal Order : Berdasarkan Pesanan
Harga : Rp Negosiasi (Rp Indonesia)
Cara Pembayaran : Tunai/Cash, Cek Bank, Transfer Bank
Negara Asal : Malaysia

Kontak Supplier

Slip Sheets
Slip Sheets / transfer sheets are made of wet strengthened high-quality kraft liner. The multi-laminated material makes the Slip Sheets extremely tear- and moisture-resistant. They can be used as a substitute for wooden pallets.
This transport and storing system without pallets is suitable for such application as overseas shipments and intra-corporate deliveries. Slip Sheets are already being used by many different businesses for a wide range of products.


-Better use of space in containers and vehicles.
-Savings in freight rates due to more effective load weight.
-Minimum space required for the storage of sheets:
1 000 Slip Sheets = 1 m3.
1 000 pallets = 70 m3.
-No exchange of pallets and therefore no exchange costs.
-No need for material return means no return load.
-No repairs or losses.
-No administration or circulation control
-No need for treatment

2. Hygienic
3. 100 % recyclable

• Reduces the cost of materials, freight, labour,
repair, storage and disposal.
• Environmentally-friendly, wood-free, hygienic and
100% recyclable.
• Compatible with standard forklifts outfitted with
Push-Pull attachments, rollerforks and modern
conveyor systems.
• Ideal for both domestic and international shippers

• Expensive pallets
• Treatment of wooden pallets
• Return and exchange of the pallets
• Repair and loss of pallets
• Hazardous nails or splinters
• Unhygienic pallets
• Administration and circulation control costs

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PT TUNAS MITRA SUKSES (Jababeka Tahap 3 Cikarang-Bekasi)

Bergabung Sejak :
31 August 2010

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