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Penawaran Dagang - Flow Meter

Jual: Yamatake flow meter, orifice flow meter, azbil, magnetic flow meter, micro flow meter

Min. Order : 1 box
Harga : $ Negosiasi   ($ USA)

Air Flowmeter
Gas Mass Flowmeter
Panel Mount Mass Flow Controller
Gas Flow Monitor
Micro Flow Vortex Gas Flowmeter
High-Flow MassFlowmeter
Chip Pickup Detection Mass - Flow Sensor
Digital Mass FlowController
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Jual: Turbine flow meter, solar flow meter, gas meter, fuel meter, diesel flow meter, gasoline flow meter

Min. Order : Berdasarkan Pesanan
Harga : $ Negosiasi   ($ USA)

These flowmeters are electromechanical,volumetric flow meter. The rotating ngle increases inproportion to the flow rate. The rotate rate is detected by the pick-up coil and converted into electricalsignal, activating local indicating totalizer.
Tanggal: 22-11-2011 04:11:40 PM Kontak Supplier

Jual: Gas Meter, Diafragm flow meter, gas sensor, Gas Flowmeter, Gas Flow control, Gas Measurement

Min. Order : 4 box
Harga : $ Negosiasi   ($ USA)

1.G1.6/G2.5/G4 gas meter
Domesic diaphragm gas meters G1.6,G2.5, G4 are gas volume measurement instrument for coal gas, natural gas, LPG etc. It is designed and developed according to world advanced technology, based on our rich experience,with t...
Tanggal: 22-11-2011 04:11:41 PM Kontak Supplier

Jual: Electromagnetic FLow Meter, Flowmeter, water flow meter, flow meter air, chemical flow meter, Air Flow Meter

Min. Order : 1 box
Harga : $ Negosiasi   ($ USA)

Electromagnetic flowmeter is composed of sensor and converter.It works on Faraday's electromagnetic induction principle,used for the measuring of volumetric flow rate of liquids whose conductance is 5 ¼ S/ cm or bigger. It also can measure the cor...
Tanggal: 23-02-2011 01:02:52 PM Kontak Supplier

Jual: Ultrasonic FLow Meter

Min. Order : 1 box
Harga : $ 4,000.00 / box   ($ USA)

We suply many kind of model and brand flowmeter:
Actaris flow meter
Alderley flow meter
ATG flow meter
avery hardor
Bristol babcock
chemical flowmeter
CoolPoint flow meter
Daniel Brooks flow meter
Tanggal: 22-11-2011 04:11:41 PM Kontak Supplier